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Calculation of tempo changes and Video Player

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Apr 10, 2011 (2:31)

In my music writing I do a lot of writing for screen, filmscoring if you will, with multiple tempo changes, sometimes in over a half-minute, and the one thing has always been bothering me is the lack of proper tempo changes compensation.

For example, I start track at 100 BPM, then at 0:30 jump to 120, then at 1:00 go back to 100. Then when I click to go to position at 1:10 the whole timer just ignores that 120 BPM piece and calculates time as if the whole song was in 100 BPM. Obviously my Video Player get off sync. And so, for example, if I work on the last 15 seconds of the track I have to play it to that position from start to have adequate timing because all tempo changes will naturally be picked up on the way. Is there any way to workaround that?

Also what is the meaning of 'Ignore Tempo Changes' in Fruity Video Player anyway? I always have it turned on, because otherwise if tempo change happens the video just goes randomly off sync. I just don't understand this functionality.

Thank you

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