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FL Studio browser bar slider jumps around

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Jul 01, 2012 (19:03)

I have a problem that has recently started and I have not been able to figure it out. Whenever I scroll in the FL file browser, all my patterns and waves in the track section seem to jump around with it, but not "exactly" with it either. Vice Versa, when I scroll in my patterns and wav's in the track section, it moves my FL browser files around. There are other weird things going on as well. When I just click sometimes on a pattern in the track section, it moves the browser, and sometimes if I click a directory in the browser, it moves the pattern and track section.

I tried to get used to it, but it is slowing me way down and starting to drive me nuts :)


Jul 09, 2012 (11:54)
Select 'Snap 1' from the top of the Browser.

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