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deckadance, ableton live and a vestax vcm-600 - midi problem

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Mar 02, 2013 (12:53)
hey guys,

im using a vcm 600 and im trying deckadance as a vst. my problem is that i choose the control surface inside ableton live and im trying to midi map the necessary buttons in deckadance but every channel from my vcm 600 send the same midi note. let me explain: i midi map the play button from channel 1 to deck a from deckadance. now i wanna midi map the play button from my channel 2 to deck b but deckadance tells me that it´s the same midi message.

it works when i use deckadance as a standalone application! deckadance noticed that every channel on my vcm 600 uses it´s own midi channel. do you know where the problem is or what i can do now? this combination is unusable with this problem :-/


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