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Automix problem with hercules dj control mp3 e2

Technical questions with Deckadance & Controllers (MIDI/CDJ & Vinyl)
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Apr 29, 2012 (13:02)
Im getting really p****d off with this now , done a set last night with this same problem. do any of u know anything about fixing this glitch with the automix when using it with the hercules mp3 e2 . lets say im playing deck 1 and i hit the automix button on the controller , for some reason deck 2 starts playing and the auto crossfade starts fading . Doesn't do this all the time but when it does i get in a bit of a panic lol . This is when using automix with a normal playlist NOT the automix playlist . The automix time remaining of deck A is greater than the automix crossfader time, even if im say a 3rd into the track it might do it. Im using house edition 1.94 . Like i said it doesn't do it all the time . Do i have to use the automix playlist , if so why does automix engage in a normal playlist. Ive added a video of the problem , this is recorded while using the mp3 e2 , sorry its not very clear.

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