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Feedback needed!

to exchange music made in FL Studio with others
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Nov 01, 2007 (11:35)
hey whats up, will you guys give me some feedback on this song i just made? im glad i found this forum, maybe i can get some opinions from fellow beat makers, and learn some new stuff. :P hehe. this song has no effects applied and is not mastered, i use adobe audition 2 for all that. it is built like a song, as in intro, verse, chorus, it may sound repetitive without vocals. i think its cool, nice and relaxing, please tell me if its ok, or if i need to improve some things. Thanks!
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Nov 02, 2007 (1:13)
There is something that could be quite pleasing...

Nov 02, 2007 (1:15)
Also don't forget to put a song down for a whil...

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