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You Go, I'll Go by C-RayBeats W.I.P.

to exchange music made in FL Studio with others
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Apr 26, 2016 (5:30)
Here is a Soundcloud link for it also..

Apr 26, 2016 (8:25)
Sounds good to me! Kind of cinematic. Keep goin...

Apr 26, 2016 (20:41)
djfirewalk wrote:Sounds good to me! Kind of cin...

Apr 26, 2016 (21:39)
Sounds good. I think this would have worked wel...

Apr 27, 2016 (10:24)
Hey Clint, sounds good to me, a little bit simp...

Apr 27, 2016 (21:10)
Hey Clint,I think you have somethign going ther...

Apr 29, 2016 (0:13)
Nice progress . Music with emotions and directi...

Phul Mehtul
Apr 29, 2016 (2:16)
I enjoyed the video along with the music. The w...

Apr 29, 2016 (2:48)
Phul Mehtul wrote:How do you get the wrap aroun...

May 03, 2016 (9:18)
"What we have here, is a flow track."...

May 03, 2016 (16:13)
LungDoctor wrote:"What we have here, is a ...

May 03, 2016 (18:20)
Real nice work, Clint That groove is catchy.N...

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