Mackie Control Universal effects names in scribble strip display

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Dr. G
Sat Dec 31, 2016 1:55 am

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Mackie Control Universal effects names in scribble strip display

I just got a Behringer X-Touch control surface. It's based on, and functionally identical to, the Mackie Control Universal, so for all intents and purposes it's the same thing. I like how the scribble strips display relevant information to whatever control I'm touching or moving.

When the encoders are assigned to Effects mode, the encoders all control the Dry/Wet mix of effects in a single channel strip. However, the scribble strips display the names of the channels the faders are still controlling, and I have no idea what effects each encoder is controlling.

It would make sense to me if in Effects mode, the scribble strip displayed the names of each effect the encoders are assigned to. What would make even more sense would be to display the effect names on the top line and the channel names on the bottom line. That way a user can see the channel names if he or she needs to switch the selected channel, but can still quickly tell which effect a given encoder will control.

I couldn't decide whether to post this in MIDI Controller Support or in To Do. I'll be happy to move it if it would be better posted in To Do.


-Dr. G

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