transpose from mixer channel(s) to patcher

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Aug 16, 2014 (19:36)
Getting on board with your patcher concept, alot of people are going to want a logical migration from saved mixer states to patcher configurations... Although this strikes me as potentially very complex, I think it would be ultra cool if there were a migration tool, which took either the entire mixer (or end to end mixer routes) and migrated them to patcher. Maybe that's too much to ask... but I'm putting it here as a concept. If it IS too much to ask, maybe there's some way of doing a smaller scale version of this, such as migrating a single mixer channel.... or (this one I really like actually, because it's simple for you to implement) click and drag plugins (with current settings) from a mixer channel to the patcher.

Aug 18, 2014 (0:48)
I am pretty sure you want to see this video :(Y...

Aug 19, 2014 (20:42)
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