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Playlist selection > link to mixer channel

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Apr 25, 2012 (14:13)
Probably already been suggested, but it would be great if i could select a bunch of audio clips on the playlist and link them to a mixer channel without having to first select them in the step sequencer.

Or even an option in the playlist menu to "select in step sequencer".

Apr 25, 2012 (16:28)
I agree.Not likely to happen imo, but i think o...

Apr 25, 2012 (18:19)
I know that this may be not a real solution, bu...

May 02, 2012 (11:56)
Ha yep, but trying to send 20 unique audio file...

ErotiCore SteNch
May 02, 2012 (15:34)
i would also love to see this,been suggested be...

May 05, 2012 (18:55)
for my vocal recordings, when they are on the p...

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