A bender-mode for "Fruity X-Y controller"

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Tue May 01, 2012 8:43 pm

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A bender-mode for "Fruity X-Y controller"

Thanks for "FL studio" it rocks. I love that you can use the joystick as an articulator, but I think you missed an important feature when you implemented the X-Y controller.

The way the X-Y controller works right now, is that a joypad/joystick axis represent the rate of change added to, whatever the user assigned it to on the X-Y controller. So this is how it works now:
New_XY_controler_axis_pos := Old_XY_controller_axis_pos + change * max_speed
Here max_speed is the maximum-cursor-speed when the stick has reached a maximum or minimum, and change := joy_axis_pos / joy_axis_max

It would be nice if you also made it possible to make the joypad/joystick axis, represent the XY-controller axis value. So that it works like the bender on a "real" keyboard. This is the feature I would like to se implemented:
new_axis_value := position * joy_multiplier
Where position := joy_axis_pos / joy_axis_max and joy_multiplier := XY_controller_axis_max - XY_controller_axis_center

Hope that was clear enough. If you have any questions about what I mean, please ask.

Best regards
Christian Krabbe

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