Time stretch midi clips?

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Jan 07, 2008 (2:53)
I often record midi from an external keyboard without quantization.

Is it possible to timestretch the piano roll patters or pattern clips? I know I can quantize but this is not the same.

For example, in Ableton Live, I can adjust the midi clip's tempo independently from the master tempo.

Why would I want to do this?

Because I might like the feel of a pattern but need it to fit into a specific tempo.

What I am doing as a workaround is to render to audio and then using the sample time stretch feature.

Is there a better way? Thanks!


Jan 07, 2008 (3:41)
In the piano roll, just select all notes, hold ...

Jan 08, 2008 (2:26)
Dion wrote:In the piano roll, just select all n...

Morphy Morph
Jan 08, 2008 (6:49)
Many other sequencers have had this very import...

Jan 08, 2008 (12:40)
Morphy Morph wrote:The problem is pattern clips...

Jan 08, 2008 (13:56)
ruzz wrote:Dion wrote:In the piano roll, just s...
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Morphy Morph
Jan 09, 2008 (2:20)
You must hold shift as you drag, otherwise your...

Jan 10, 2008 (0:12)
nucleon wrote:You must hold shift as you drag, ...

Mar 07, 2008 (0:01)
Morphy Morph wrote: Myself I´ve solved this is...

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