Record audio into deck & "negative time" with time code

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Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:56 am

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Record audio into deck & "negative time" with time code

Here are a couple suggestions that I would like to see. Im not 100% sure that they are not possible as of now, or in 2.0. Ive been comparing software to decide which one Im going to stick with and deckadance seems to be the one so far.

My first suggestion is to be able to record audio directly into a deck or sample while playing it. You could record audio into a deck, the deck playing the audio as its coming in, and be able to control that audio in real time as its being recorded and when you stop the recording. I would especially like to use this as a VST inside ableton on clips and live recording being sent into deckadance. It may make more sense to to this as samples, I just want to have timecode control over it. Ms pinky can do this to some extent but its a little touchy to work with.

My other suggestion is to allow timecode to spin backwards beyond 0:00 time so that my markers will stay lined up for beat juggling and scratching. I feel like this should already be possible and Im just not seeing an option or something because its a simple idea and pretty important, to me anyways.

Thanks IL, looking forward to 2.0

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