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hidden pages not accessable after login remain invisible?

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May 18, 2007 (18:01)
I am starting to experiment with ezg2, built a temp website on my second domain, just messing around with the page types, however, the login page and all hidden pages that are linked to it, I not sure about

running ezg2 version

if I make pages hidden using the function hide in menu, once I access past the login page, the first page that I assigned to be the first page loads fine, but here is the odd thing, if I have more pages in this area, in the category, (in my example login)

login (category)
login (page)
editable page (in my example the first page that loads up after a successful login)
request form
blank page

the thing is while the editable page is viewable, nothing else appears in the menu (the one that would show, editable page, request form etc), so I can't click for example blank page, the only way I can get this to work is by using the control key and drag and drop onto the editable page, so that you get a sub menu, and that will allow me to switch from one page type to another, but I can't seem to keep the hidden pages hidden, but at the same time once you access the hidden pages, they will show up in the menu, and only then, is there something Im missing or is this intended?

thanks in advance


Site Admin
May 19, 2007 (0:05)
hi don't make pages hidden, but protected (on ...
Image line

May 19, 2007 (13:45)
yeah I guess that's the only other way about it...

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