Improved 'Select All Similar Clips' inside time selections

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Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:58 pm

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Improved 'Select All Similar Clips' inside time selections

Here's an example:

Enhanced Select All similar clips.png

In this picture, between the blue kicks you can see all those chunks of pattern selected. In a very cluttered playlist (like this one :P ) it is very difficult to make this kind of selections unless you select the clips one by one.
The 'Select All Similar Clips' (SSC) is very useful here but the problem is that it selects all similar clips on the entire playlist. In my example instead I need to select only those clips between the blue kicks, so:

What I'm suggesting is that if you create a time selection, the SSC function will work only in this specific time selection, allowing you to make particular and difficult selections with ease...
What do you think?

Thank you
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