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Anyone using Serato SL1?

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May 27, 2007 (2:12)
I know the new setup supports ASIO. I'm just wondering if anyone here
has gotten the SL1 hardware working successfully with Deckadance?
I'd be interested to hear if/how well it works and how you did it.

May 29, 2007 (6:07)
I just did it. perfect and very low latency. Re...

Site Admin
May 29, 2007 (9:10)
Padu! wrote:I just did it. perfect and very low...

May 30, 2007 (23:50)
i just buy deckadance and tested it with sl1 wo...

Site Admin
May 31, 2007 (0:09)
gauthier.d wrote:i just buy deckadance and test...
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May 31, 2007 (13:45)
sorry for my english i explain myself too bad ....

May 31, 2007 (14:23)
hi again .i test it again and its sure when i s...

May 31, 2007 (14:48)
so stupid boy i just understand what is it for ...

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