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asio4all + FL Studio = no sound

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f.r. le fikser
Oct 26, 2008 (14:14)
hello there,

i just payed for, downloaded and installed FL Studio 8 on a recent PB notebook with windows vista.
FL Studio gives no problems, but asio4all doesn't work in it. i know many people experience problems with it but i haven't found any thread which deals with my exact problem.

thing is, there is sound in FL STudio when i activate the primary driver in FL's audio settings. there is also sound when i select the speakers (Conexant HD Audio). but when i select asio4all v2, the sound is gone.
also, in the audio configuration section of my laptop there is nothing indicating ASIO whatsoever.

i uninstalled asio4all and downloaded it anew from their website but that doesn't do the job.

but when asio4all is selected and i open the ASIO control panel, Conexant HD Audio is listed as active (input, output and digital out).

any suggestions?

thanks in advance,
le fikser

ps: i don't have a good external soundcard (e.g. Tascam) yet, but i'm planning on buying one in the near future. should i maybe wait until such an interface is installed?

Oct 26, 2008 (18:31)
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f.r. le fikser
Oct 26, 2008 (19:11)
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Oct 26, 2008 (21:28)
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f.r. le fikser
Oct 27, 2008 (10:28)
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Site Admin
Oct 28, 2008 (8:33)
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