Stanton SCS-3D/DaScratch

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Wed Nov 19, 2008 6:03 pm

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Stanton SCS-3D/DaScratch

Supported in Deckadance since: 1.40.4
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Thu Jan 08, 2009 12:34 pm

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Configuration Instructions

(0) Connect the SCS.3d to your computer.

(1) Start DaRouter software and select "GEN Single SCS.3d Dual Virtual V1.00" in the active preset dropdown selector.

(2) Start Deckadance software and enter in the "SETUP" window.

(3) Enable in the midi interface list "INPUT: FROM DAROUTER" (...make sure that it's on) and select the SCS.3d in "REMOTE CONTROLLER DEVICE".

(4) Enjoy. Don't forget to read the explanation of the mapping below.

Global Controls

The center section of DaScratch switches its function based on which mode is selected. Certain buttons never change their function and are referred to “Global Controls”. Global controls are controls whose function doesn't change when the mode is changed. We'll start with the mode switching section…

FX - Sets 3 slider mode

EQ - Sets 3 slider mode

LOOP - Sets Button mode

TRIG - Sets Button mode

VINYL - Sets "Circle" mode

DECK - Switch the unit from deck A to deck B

Below is a list of the global controls.

PLAY - Play/Pause

CUE - Cue/Stutter

SYNC - Sync

TAP - Tap tempo of the selected deck

Vinyl Mode

When activated, this mode puts the SCS.3d into “circle mode”.


S1 - Deck Volume
S2 - Deck Pitch
S4 - Deck Scratch
C1 - Deck Pitch Bend Nudge


B11 - Jump 1 Beat Backward
B12 - Jump 1 Beat Forward
B13 - Jump 1 Bar Backward
B14 - Jump 1 Bar Forward

Loop Mode

This preset puts the SCS.3d into button mode.


S1 - Deck Volume
S2 - Deck Pitch


B1 - Deck Loop
B2 - Deck Leap
B3 - Deck Loop Size Decrement (Half)
B4 - Deck Loop Size Increment (Double)
B5 - Deck Loop Snap Mode
B11 - Loop Move 1 Beat Backward
B12 - Loop Move 1 Beat Forward
B13 - Loop Move 1 Bar Backward
B14 - Loop Move 1 Bar Forward

Trigger Mode

Trigger mode is another button mode preset.


S1 - Deck Volume
S2 - Deck Pitch


B1 - Jump to Cue Point #1
B2 - Jump to Cue Point #2
B3 - Jump to Cue Point #3
B4 - Jump to Cue Point #4
B5 - N/A ( for user)
B11 - Set Cue Point #1
B12 - Set Cue Point #2
B13 - Set Cue Point #3
B14 - Set Cue Point #4

FX Mode

When activated, FX mode puts the SCS.3d into “3 slider mode”, which turns the control circle into 3 virtual faders.


S1 - Deck Volume
S2 - Deck Pitch
S3 - FX Depth
S4 - FX Select
S5 - FX Dry/Wet


B11 - Master FX WAH-WAH Filter
B12 - Master FX Panoramic LFO
B13 - Master FX Ring Modulator
B14 - Master FX Track Coder

EQ Mode

This is another 3 slider mode preset.


S1 - Deck Volume
S2 - Deck Pitch
S3 - Deck Low Eq
S4 - Deck Mid Eq
S5 - Deck High Eq


B11 - Mid Eq Kill
B12 - High Eq Kill
B13 - Low Eq Kill
B14 - Reset Eq sliders

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