MFX support ?: SoundTrek now has a VST plugin for Jammer

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Jan 29, 2009 (20:09)
I'm finally getting around to seeing how/if MFX ( arp's, chordizers, filters, humanizers, step seq's, transposers, etc ) fit into FL. So, my first thought was to just pipe stuff from BiaB, Jammer, etc through MidiYoke ( MY) into FL. What I see so far is that everything gets re-channelized into a single MIDI channel ( pipeing into a CW-TTS-1 ( sound canvas emulator )). I'm sending from MYoke to a MidiOut generator on output port #5 with the TTS VST input also selected to port #5. All the notes show up on channel 1 only. MYoke may be doing this ( I'll check the event list), so I'll try Maple, but I don't think so, today anyway. Could FL be re-channelizing incoming MIDI ? Once in the PR and sorted by channel, I'd just attach an appropriate generator to each channel. This is kind of what I do today with midi imports. I also noticed that MFX don't show up in either the effects or generator 'add' VST lists. After considering how LSD is used with MidiOut, where MIDI drives a 'generator' as an effect, I tried to see if a MIDI effect would drive an attached generator. I wasn't surprised to see that it didn't work using 'ChordSpaceDO'. Ideally, I'm looking to send auto MIDI data into FL for capture in a PR, though it would be nice to send from a PR to a MFX and back to another PR after processing for capture. I'll try ReWiring and see if that works. Before I buy another MFX/VST I'd like to know if FL will drive my soft-synths with it if there is a VST interface to the MFX. I can drive FL from ChordSpaceDO ( as a standalone) with MYoke to a single channel/generator with no problems. SoundTrek claims the VST works with Sonar/Cubase ( albeit with some workarounds ). Now, I don't have an issue if a single FL pattern captured and recorded all the channels being sent. That I could sort out later, but they don't appear to be getting sent/received that way. Could FL be responding to intial Bank/Prog Change msgs as opposed to just passing them through ? I just noticied that FL shifted from Gen6 to Gen1 when I start Jammer and FL is listening, but even when recording the score no PR shows up. I'll play around some more and see what works and what doesn't. ... hlight=mfx ... hlight=mfx

I may be missing something obvious here, so thanks for patience.

Jan 29, 2009 (20:43)
FL normally turns all keyboard input to channel...

Jan 30, 2009 (5:57)
Dude, if you go here:

Jan 30, 2009 (13:57)
MrAlex wrote:Mfxshell is a wrapper for MFX plug...

Jan 30, 2009 (17:03)
No worries - here's where I found them btw... ...

Jan 31, 2009 (13:15)
Thanks for help and suggestions. MFXShell works...

Feb 01, 2009 (15:42)
As kind of a followup, it doesn't appear that F...

Feb 01, 2009 (18:36)
MMC looks OK. Just needed to tweak the kbd cont...

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