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Omnisphere problem - please help!

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Feb 15, 2009 (13:44)
I bought Omnisphere and i have installed it but every time i click on a sound it says "cannot load soundsource "(name)" in directory "core library". Try refreshing index in browser." I cant work out how to 'refresh index in browser' if anybody knows?

I didnt install the STEAM folder to the default location, i dont know if this has any relevance to the problem? Everything seems to have installed ok because the STEAM folder is 42gb therefore all the sounds should be there and they are visible in omnisphere they just wont load. I can play the default sound and that is all. I feel the problem might be to do with folder locations but im not sure. Maybe it is just a simple little thing that i have not done or done wrong.

Any omnisphere users that have had this problem or might have ideas how to sort this out, help will be very much appreciated as it is very frustrating having omnisphere and not being able to enjoy it!


Feb 18, 2009 (1:19)
You're supposed to install it in it's default S...

Jan 16, 2011 (20:23)
I have the same problem, but I did install it i...

red dave
Jan 18, 2011 (22:06)
I think i had the same problem when first insta...

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