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Sun Mar 01, 2009 5:42 am

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Plugins not found / not valid

How it all went down:

1. With a fully registered version of FL7 XXL Producers Edition, I tried to load some of my old FL7 loop files. During load, I received messages "<Fruity plugin> not found". For example: "Fruity NoteBook not found".

2. I closed FL7, opened Windows Explorer, tracked down every plugin I have, consolidated them into one directory named C:\Program Files\VstPlugins. I also verified the existence of the Fruity plugins in the C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio 7\Plugins folder.

3. I re-opened FL7, tried opening loop files again and had the same problem. I made sure that the "VST plugins extra search folder" under File Options listed the directory path I specified above in step 2. I refreshed the plugin list through the Channels menu. I refreshed it again through the plugin selection menu of the Mixer. At this point every plugin I had found was listed, but some of them were in red (see below for complete list of red entries). When I try to load a red listing I receive a message "<Fruity plugin> not valid".

4. So, my question is this: "Do I have to individually register every plugin I try to use, including Fruity plugins that came with my purchase? And, if so, how do I go about it?"

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated, since my FL Studio is virtually useless until I get this resolved.


RED ENTRIES LIST [in the order they appear in the plugin selection list accessed through the Mixer]

3x Osc | Arguelles TB4004 | Automaton 2-Pole | BeepMap | BooBass | Buzz Effect Adapter | Buzz Generator Adapter | Chrome | Comp_Eng | CyanPhase Notch | Dashboard | DirectWaveCtEngine | DrumSynth_Eng | Edison | EQUO | FireSledge RectalAnarchy | FL Keys | FL Slayer | FLSPro | FPC | Fruity Kick | Fruity Big Clock | Fruity dB Meter | Fruity Delay 2 | Fruity Delay Bank | Fruity DrumSynth Live | Fruity DX10 | Fruity Envelope Controller | Fruity Fast Dist | Fruity Flangus | Fruity Formula Controller | Fruity Granulizer | Fruity HTML NoteBook | Fruity Keyboard Controller | Fruity Love Philter | Fruity NoteBook | Fruity PanOMatic | Fruity Parametric EQ | Fruity Parametric EQ 2 | Fruity Peak Controller | Fruity Reeverb 2 | Fruity Scratcher | Fruity Send | Fruity Slicer | Fruity Soft Clipper | Fruity Soundfont Player | Fruity Spectroman | Fruity Squeeze | Fruity Stereo Enhancer | Fruity Vibrator | Fruity Video Player | Fruity Vocoder | Fruity WaveShaper | Fruity Wrapper | Fruity X-Y Controller | FSM Chorus | FSM Infector | FSM Panzer Delay | FSM PhatMan | FSM WahPro2 | Geonik's PrimiFun | ijl15 | Jeskola Cross Delay | Jeskola Filter 2 | Jeskola Karhu | Jeskola Raverb | MIDI Out | Muon Synth | Oomek Exciter | Plucked! | Reverb | ReWired | Ruff SPECCY | ryg's analog distort | Rymix FlaserBox | Rymix StereoBox Pro | Savages Gap | SimSynth | smartelectronix tubescreamer | Sytrus | Wasp | Wasp XT | Wave Traveller | WhiteNoise Chorus | whitenoise stereodist | Zephod Blue Filter | Zephod Green Filter | Zephod ITCH! | Zephod MX7 | Zephod Orange Filter | Zephod VoidBass II | Zephod VoidLead | Zephod VoidSynth II | Zephod Yellow Filter

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Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:47 am

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