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Here is another little something..little different?

to exchange music made in FL Studio with others
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Dec 02, 2007 (12:32)
Here is a track you guys might like, you guys heard any thing else similar to this, I havent heard much aside from the producers down in melbourne as we all worked together and sort took ideas from each other, so far internationally the responce has been massive and dance floor hit to tens of thousands world wide and no body's heard much like that I've talked to, would love to hear some really funky psy or anything really...I'm a bassline junky, the funkyer the better, I know breaks and electro has great bass lines but the tracks dont have enough in them to keep me interested which kind of leaves me with full on trance but I really want to push this style abit more and am looking for some insperation, so please point me in the direction of tracks like this or just songs that you reckon have the absolute bees knees of bass lines..

Comments are welcome :D
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Dec 02, 2007 (12:39)
You are a master in effects, great psy song. I...

Dec 02, 2007 (17:30)
not sure I know euphoria? Got a link were I can...

Dec 02, 2007 (18:12)
DUH, didnt even check the link?! yeah this guy'...

Dec 03, 2007 (1:46)
Love it! Some awesome buildups in there... whew...

Dec 03, 2007 (4:51)
Im interested in seeing the flp to this song! I...

Dec 03, 2007 (10:37)
Here you go, Its actually a remix of one of m...

Dec 03, 2007 (10:43)
the first picture is still missing about 30 tra...

Dec 03, 2007 (19:24)
I know this is prolly a no, but could I get the...

Dec 03, 2007 (21:25)
Do you have the Z3ta+ Waves plugins? with out t...

Dec 03, 2007 (22:04)
Are those all envelopes in the second picture?

Dec 03, 2007 (22:47)
well, where do i get them zeta wave plugins?

Luke Himare
Dec 03, 2007 (22:52)
psypneumtix wrote:get rid of your blockes they ...

Dec 04, 2007 (5:54)
hyperfx wrote:Are those all envelopes in the se...

Dec 04, 2007 (9:32)
get rid of your blockes they are doing nothing ...

Dec 04, 2007 (13:25)
all your sequencing and arrangment should be do...

Dec 07, 2007 (19:53)
Track is amazing...much respect

Dec 07, 2007 (20:12)
the bassline is definitely cool and refreshing ...

Dec 08, 2007 (7:52)
One of my new favorite songs.

Dec 08, 2007 (11:24)
sliceone wrote:the bassline is definitely cool ...

Dec 09, 2007 (5:32)
i feel you on that note. but you could always ...

Dec 09, 2007 (8:46)
yeah I had a listen to some of your stuff and d...

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