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Synthmaker Dashboard

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Jun 19, 2010 (10:46)
Hi how do i get sound out of my SynthMaker Dashboard? i have watch the tutorial and fallow everything but still no luck. My Midi out panel is in the fallowing order Microsoft Midi Map, Microsoft Synth, Project Mix controller surface midi, Project mix External midi, Yamaha Digital Keyboard and AKAI MPD18. I used the Yamaha as output #5 but nothing it is my first try at Dashboard and will welcome all the thank you.

Aug 01, 2011 (0:35)
I wish i could help the same boat...hopef...

Aug 05, 2011 (1:01)
still no answer heh, this is driving me nuts .....

Aug 05, 2011 (17:47)
Glenron316477 , i posted the same question in t...

Aug 07, 2011 (22:31)
The Dashboard is there to act as a controller i...

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