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Sep 09, 2010 (16:15)
Hi. I'am continuing working on my first plugin. I have defined my Voice:
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struct komorraVoice{
   PVoiceParams params;
   int pos;
   int state;
   int HostTag;

Defined voice trigger:
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int __stdcall TkomorraFLGen::TriggerVoice(PVoiceParams VoiceParams,int SetTag)
   komorraVoice *Voice = new komorraVoice;
   Voice->HostTag = SetTag;
   Voice->params = VoiceParams;
   Voice->state = 1;
   return (TVoiceHandle)Voice;

,Voice release and kill:
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void __stdcall TkomorraFLGen::Voice_Release(TVoiceHandle Handle)
   ((komorraVoice*)Handle)->state = 0;

void __stdcall TkomorraFLGen::Voice_Kill(TVoiceHandle Handle)
   delete (komorraVoice*)Handle;

And the main part, the sound generation:
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int __stdcall TkomorraFLGen::Voice_Render(TVoiceHandle Handle, PWAV32FS DestBuffer, int &Length)
   komorraVoice *Voice = (komorraVoice*)Handle;
   for(int la=0;la<Length;la++)
   return 0;

When I load my plugin in FL, I would to hear nice sine, but I'm hearing something like silent saw.
The sound is more silent when I increase 3000.0f value in sin function.
What is here wrong?

Sep 09, 2010 (16:42)
I strongly advise you not to make an hybrid gen...

Sep 09, 2010 (16:45)
Ok. I realized that the samples may be too shor...

Sep 09, 2010 (16:47)
gol wrote:I strongly advise you not to make an ...

Feb 20, 2011 (10:26)
Has this now been switched off or the method ch...

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