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Jan 27, 2010 (7:30)
I recently created 100 presets for Ogun for my own useage but figured I'd share them on here ;-)

I create flash games (art/code/music/sfx) and I generally make spooky atmospheric things so the sounds are geared towards that but could be useful in any genre.

I hope somebody finds em useful!!
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Site Admin
Jan 27, 2010 (7:36)
Psionic wrote:I recently created 100 presets fo...
What's this knob do? The F1 key is your friend!

Jan 27, 2010 (8:25)
Your welcome & Thanks

random coil
Jan 28, 2010 (10:53)
thanks for the presets, there are some really n...

Jan 28, 2010 (10:59)
Thanks for taking the time to checkout my stuff...

Jan 29, 2010 (19:11)
Definitely going to be used in my evil music.

Feb 05, 2010 (3:58)
Psionic, thank you for these presets and those ...

Sep 12, 2010 (5:19)
Thanks for the presets! I'll definitly check ou...

Nov 02, 2010 (14:20)
thankz for your hard work..look foward to heari...

Nov 02, 2010 (19:55)
These are some good finds. Darkwind and Oldst...

Dec 28, 2010 (17:47)
cute arps ...respect to u works and

Jan 17, 2011 (18:03)
I really enjoyed the art on your site, and than...

Aug 18, 2013 (16:55)
..." Thank You Psionic for Share "......

Sep 04, 2014 (15:58)
Sweet! Thank you!!!

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