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20 random presets

The place to upload Harmless presets and discuss programming it.
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Nov 03, 2010 (0:14)
To show that FL's own (dumb/blind) randomizing can work with Harmless (pretty much the only synth in FL's collection with which it works), I selected 20 random ones, only adapting the level.

For less randomness but better results, you can also switch "hybridize" on and flip through normal presets.
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Nov 03, 2010 (14:50)
Awwwww thays nice. Harmless is the s**t when it...

random coil
Nov 03, 2010 (21:26)
cool, for me? thanks Nr. 19 is my favourite!

Nov 03, 2010 (21:41)
I like 15.

Sensorium of Quinn
Nov 03, 2010 (22:09)
Yes very agreeably Gol. I've spent many a time ...

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