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ADM individual output routing in FL Studio 9x

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Dec 14, 2010 (19:13)
Hello, I know it's a very specific question.
But I placed this also at audiorealism's forum without any result.
Even the audiorealism guys advised I should try here...
More readers and maybe I'm lucky that some FL users have experience using ABM.

Audiorealism's Drum Maschine offers multi and individual outputs.
But I just can't figure out how nor where to set things up right, so I have the single instruments placed speratly in the mixer.
Is that possible at all or do I need to place a seperate channel for each instrument (snare, clap, ...), name the channels and finally route them to the mixer?
What I'm looking for is a setup almost like in FPC where I can trigger the notes for variuos instruments in one channel but still have the option to route each sample to indivdually mixer channels.

Thx a lot in advance for any helpful comment (I use FLxxl v9.1.0).

Dec 14, 2010 (19:14)
press the cog wheel on the wrapper..set outputs...

Dec 14, 2010 (19:24)
Thx for replying CosmicOrgasm but what do you m...

Dec 14, 2010 (19:26)
Heres how to do it for MicroTonic but it should...
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Dec 14, 2010 (19:32)
@ nucleon Thx, thx, thx, thx, ... I was almos...

Dec 14, 2010 (19:38)
thx Nuc, my boss caught me replying!!

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