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Deckadance not working for Serato ScratchLive SL3?

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Dec 17, 2010 (0:41)

I was referred (via Imageline's wiki page: that Deckadance Club Edition will work
with Serato ScratchLive (I own the Rane SL3 box) I purchased the Club Edition to see if it would work, connected all my
connections up, and I don't get any signal at all. I tried using the 'Generic' Deckadance vinyl option, as well as some of those
other MsPinky and Torq ones to see if i could get a signal but no luck. I was actually expecting ScratchLive to show up as
an option once I opened Deckadance up for the first time though, but it's not. I made sure to put my setting on Absolute
and I clicked the Learn Timecode feature, but no luck there either.

So, my question is, does Deckadance Club work with ScratchLive/SL3 and if so, what am I doing wrong? and if not, is the wiki
page mistaken? and also if not, will Serato be integrated into Deckadance Club soon? I really hope so!

Let me know, thanks..

Addendum: Here are my PC specs:

Windows 7 H.E.
M11x Alienware Laptop

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