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Compatability Issue with Akai MPK Mini, Windows 7 and FL Studio 10

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Apr 11, 2011 (4:25)
Hello, I am fairly new to midi controllers and FL Studio.

I am running Windows 7, FL Studio 10 and recently purchased an AKAI Mpk mini.

I am having troubles having windows 7 recognize the mpk mini and have spent most of the day searching for a way to use the controller in FL Studio.

There seems to be a general problem with the MPK Mini and Windows 7 and I was wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem or could help me out.

I tried solving the problem by installing Quicktime and am unable to figure out what to do with the AIOS4ALL drivers as those also seem to have Windows 7 compatibility issues.

I was sold on the function of the MPK Mini but I am just starting out and would like to find a way to use this without buying a midi usb converter or switching to a simpler midi controller, unless I have to.

Thank you!

Apr 11, 2011 (12:49)
Kuhbal wrote:[snip]I am having troubles having ...

Apr 11, 2011 (15:29)
try pressing F10 and clicking on the midi icon ...

Apr 13, 2011 (5:45)
no, the mpk mini is not there

Apr 13, 2011 (6:00)
I am very new to this and not having any interf...

Apr 13, 2011 (12:48)
Kuhbal wrote:[snip]It seems like Windows 7 is i...

Apr 13, 2011 (16:03)
there are no drivers for the MPK mini. It's c...

Apr 13, 2011 (16:43)
I can tell you there are 30 copies of msvcr71.d...
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Apr 13, 2011 (18:37)
Thank you for all the replies. I am going to ta...

Apr 13, 2011 (19:14)
This is really frustrating. Just called Akai su...

Apr 13, 2011 (19:25)
Does WinDoze actually say "unknown USB dev...

Apr 13, 2011 (20:01)
"...having the technical knowledge of manu...

Apr 13, 2011 (21:12)
Thank you for your patience and help NTO, I rea...

Apr 13, 2011 (21:51)
Kuhbal wrote:[snip]I have had enough help from ...

Apr 15, 2011 (2:52)
Akai got back to me with a very, very detailed ...

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