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1st of two tips for yas. 1) one meter for entire track

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Aug 16, 2011 (21:02)
Ok 1st tip is about level metering. So if like me you use a metering plugin and not fls metering then where do you put your meter plug? alot of people put it on the master channel or even individual channels. Theres a problem with both these methods. If you meter from the master it means that when metering individual sounds or groups you have to make sure that you have only the items you want playing and mute other channels because of course as its the master it has everything going to it. The problem with loading a meter plug on multiple channels is its time consuming, saps more cpu and uses an fx slot that u may need. So do the following which also gives you great advantages. Stick one and only one meter plugin of choice on the 'selected' mixer track located at the far right of the mixer after the 4 sends. Now for those who dont know what this beauty of a track does. It simple copies a signal of whatever mixer track your currently on which not only means its great to stick an edison on there to record a selected track but it means that you can have your full mix going and monitor whatever mixer track you want by simply making sure you have clicked onto your target mixer track. Now if that wasnt enough you can also do what i do and midi link a control to either the volume slider, mute or pan of the metering plugin if it has one. This allows you to be able to temporally mute or listen to only the left or right channel without changing the actual mixer track it is on. The meter plugin i use which has the volume mute and pan i was telling you about plus it is a free plugin. I have this plugin permanently open to always see what im metering. here is the link
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Dec 01, 2011 (1:08)
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