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Quicksilver for Toxic 3 - Released!

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Jul 08, 2007 (0:43)

Quicksilver is a new patchset for Image-Line Toxic 3. Toxic 3 brings together traditional FM with new-school subtractive techniques. In addition it contains a very powerful on-board sequencer which can even be used for polyphonic sequences. Quicksilver harnesses these capabilities to maximum effect for maximum inspiration!

Quicksilver is a highly atmospheric sound set which is designed for ambient composers, producer of darker electronic styles and movie scores.

Quicksilver is inspired by certain "cult" sampling CD's of the 90s which grouped loops and solo sounds under different themes or styles of electronica. Like those CDs, Quicksilver comprises instruments, effect sounds and many loops for instant use or inspiration; in contrast, the amount of modification possible far exceeds that of most sample CDs due to the huge sound-shaping potential Toxic 3 has to offer!

    * 120 patches for use in Toxic 3
    * Covers a wide-variety of styles - including melodic loops and more.

Listen to what Quicksilver offers by downloading the MP3 demos:
Toxic Journeys
Presets Demo

Quicksilver is available now for electronic distribution at the low price of €19.95. Nucleus SoundLab customers receive a 10% discount! For information on how to take advantage of this discount, check your email after the product is released.

Jul 08, 2007 (23:05)
Thanks for info

Jul 09, 2007 (21:25)
New MP3 demo: Quicksilver Demo from Karmacompos...

Jul 10, 2007 (2:47)
Jeremy_NSL This demo track sounds great

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