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FL Studio never a MAC version

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Jun 07, 2011 (18:16)
It will never be a MAC version. period. That is what Image Line is telling us for the last 5 years. That is the reality and there is nothing that we can do about. NOTHING. Well here is a different point of view, the user market balance. PC is down 1%, Mac is up 28%. Mac users are becoming more and more present on the software consumer market. That is a around 54 millions users and growing. Is Image-Line aware of this. Of course it is, hens the FL mobile app, but this is for mobile gadgets only, nothing for desktop. Their main argument is the software technology. Delphi does not have a compiler for MAC, and that is it. End of story. For now, FL is enjoying a huge loyal fan base, but that will be gone in time, just because people are trying to get more and more for less. Apple is more power full then ever. Their innovative PC systems and gadgetry are very popular at this point and that will drive the software market as well.On the other hand FL is working on new plugins, new features for the "FL Studio " next release on a cycle of 2 years. Every time is better and more intriguing, but every time their market will be shrunk, different
This is not a discussion about Mac vs Win and all that crap. Windows is coming with version 8, but I do not think that will change to much in regard of MAC OSX usage. This is about money and feasibility. So when Image Line is telling us that "it will never be a Mac version" what they are really saying is " not profitable for us, we do not have human resources to do it, know how, and so on "
I really like FL Studio. I think is a wonderful piece of software and I want to have it for many years to come, but now I am doing my music on a mac which I enjoy it very much. Logic is not bad either, just different. FL Studio is now more like a childhood friend, and you know what happens with these friends..You will never forget them, they are all but a picture on the wall, a memory. I really hope FL Studio will survive in the music industry as the shortest way from the brain to the speakers for everyone, nut just windows.

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nanda K
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nanda K
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