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Cannot change slogan

EzGenerator V4 forum
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Nov 12, 2011 (17:05)
EZG Ver Windows XP SP2
I just moved a website over from EZG 3 by copying the website data folder to Program Files\EZG4\data
In EZG4, I change the website slogan in Language Settings and click on the Apply Changes button.
The change is in the Language Settings window, but does not appear on the website display in either Edit or Browse mode.
When I exit and reenter EZG4, the change is still in the Language Settings window, but not on the view pages.
I tried uploading the site and the change still did not appear.

So somehow the Language Settings window is pointing at one folder and the preview windows at another folder????

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Nov 12, 2011 (19:08)
you didnt have to copy any files partner...clos...

Nov 13, 2011 (8:17)
After opening the project from the old folder i...

Nov 13, 2011 (15:31)
you got it working or do you still need help?

Nov 20, 2011 (3:18)
Today, I could not change the slogan using the ...

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