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All FL pop|rockish, non-trance/dubstep song (anyone else?)

For .flp/.zip project exchange ONLY. Projects MUST use Image Line samples and generators.
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This forum is for .flp exchange ONLY. Projects MUST use Image Line samples and generators.

It's also encouraged to include an mp3 format render so people can browse your work.
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Nov 22, 2011 (19:05)
Wondering if anyone else made songs like this with FL- I see a lot of discussion of trance, dubstep, and such (which I’m a fan of) but not much about pop/rock/post-electronica-pop-rock. So! Below is an all-Fruity song… not only all IL plugins, but I also didn’t modify the presets much and we recorded the vocals with Edison.

I need to get better at mixing & mastering, of course, so have a listen!


PS: also wondering about uploading the actual .flp; it’s currently 350MB w/ the vocal WAVs. I suppose I could knock them out? Or is there a way to just save the FL info? I saved to zip and then looked at the .flp, but that also removed the piano, drum, and other loop samples.

Nov 22, 2011 (19:23)
Really looking forward to pick through the proj...

Nov 23, 2011 (22:18)
6300byte wrote:Really looking forward to pick t...

Nov 24, 2011 (0:55)
That was weird, and also the fact that a flp fi...

Dec 15, 2011 (1:07)
Wow, this has a great sound, Keep it up, I love...

Feb 24, 2012 (0:37)
Nice! But WAAAY too much compression

May 22, 2012 (3:52)
Can I download the project somewhere? I'm not s...

Jun 04, 2012 (6:55)
I don't think the problem is compression. I thi...

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