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Amplitube 3 problems

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Dec 05, 2011 (3:06)
Hi there. I'm still relatively new to the community, but I'm having an issue opening up amplitube 3 in fruity. It says it can't loops 10. I just got a new laptop this week, but it was working fine last week on the old one. I'm confused because it says it can't open for an unknown reason and asks me to check my amplitube installation. I reinstalled amplitube but am still having the same problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.


nanda K
Dec 05, 2011 (7:34)
"It says it can't loops 10"is that re...

Dec 05, 2011 (16:17)
I really can't add anything that Nanda K didn't...

Dec 05, 2011 (17:24)
I had the same problem. Just like nanda K said,...

Its Clipping
Dec 05, 2011 (18:56)
atmo wrote:I had the same problem. Just like na...

Dec 05, 2011 (21:39)
Hey Its Clipping,you`re absolutely right! I nee...

Dec 06, 2011 (8:20)
Cool. Thanks for the info on that. I'll giver '...

Dec 07, 2011 (21:28)
Hi guys! I'm Obi with IK Multimedia. Looks like...

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