Features I want in FL Studio 11 (long list!)

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Tue May 31, 2011 11:05 pm

Features I want in FL Studio 11 (long list!)

I find FL Studio 10 a fantastic DAW, but there's room for improvement! Therefore, I've created a list of (rather small?) features I would love to see in the next version of FL Studio. Some of them should be really easy to program/implement, but others require a little more work. Here you go:

- Better control over your project files. F.ex. they are automatically saved in a project folder and. And all the files you record and add to the project are automatically saved there. I'm tired of doing these things manually!

- An easy and intuitive feature for copying and moving effect plugins (including settings) between slots and channels in the mixer. F.ex holding a key while draggin the effect to a new spot and voila, it is duplicated or moved.

- Better handling of wave files with dynamic tempo. F.ex a feature like "lock this audio clip to a certain tempo and ignore tempo changes(automation)"? If you automate the tempo, audio clips change their length during playback, which is problematic. A more thorough explanation (with screenshots and all) can be read in this thread: viewtopic.php?t=71674

- Feature: easy importing of multiple audio files just by drag 'n drop from a folder in windows file manager and into the playlist (or the step sequencer) in FL Studio. Let's say I want to import 35 audio tracks in a new FL Studio project. It would save me some time if I could just drag them into FL like suggested :)

- I want to always activate multichannel view for stereo files. There should be an option to always have that activated even if you restart the program and create new projects.

- I love the new "Keep on disk"-functions, but there is room for improvement! It has bothered me that the "keep on disk"-option isn't available for "24-bit" (f.ex audio files directly from a recorder or a studio!) and "PCM signed 32-bit" wave files.

- Also when f.ex I enable the "normalize" option in channel settings for a big audio file (let's say 2000 mb), it takes a loooong time to go through the audio file, create a duplicate and then finally the "keep on disk"-option is disabled and the audio file takes up 2000 mb of the available ram for the current project :( I don't think that should be neccessary for such a basic feature...

- A "Midi humanizer"-tool in the pianoroll. I know there's a tool for creating random variations in velocity, but I miss something that can move the notes in time as well. Why not create a comprehensive tool which creates variations in note time, length and velocity amongst other things, ie "humanizing" purposes..

- When I arm mixer tracks for recording, I don't feel like I have control over quality settings like bitrate (16/24/32-bit), sample frequency (44,1-192khz) and mono/stereo. Sometimes it is very useful to control such things. F.ex when recording a vocal dynamic mic, I just need mono 16 bit 44,1kz, but when I record a mix of something, I'd like to record with higher quality settings.

- Or how about a switch that simply turns a mixer channel into mono? In protools you can easily define whether you want a mono or a stereo mixer track.

- Sometimes audio clips are muted after I record them. This could be useful in some scenarios, but I would like to easily decide whether they are automatically muted or not. (excuse me for my ignorance, but I haven't discovered how to do this.. therefore I assume it isn't easy enough or it isn't possible at all)

- I would like to easily zoom in veery close on audio files, so I can move and cut them with great precision. I should not have to go into a settings menu and change the timebase for each project.. Also when I zoom in on something very closely the horisontal scrolling bar becomes ridiculously narrow :P

- How about an easy feature for fade in and fade out at in the starts/ends of audio clips? Just like in protools.. Just just have to click a corner of the audio clip and drag to create a fade-in or fade-out. Ideally, this feature should not be based on automation clips or "events".. it could mess things up...

- I'd like some easy way to zoom vertically in the piano roll, just like you can in the playlist (where alt+scroll = vertical zooming). I understand that alt+scroll changes values like velocity, and I find that a useful function.. but I haven't found some quick way to zoom vertically in the piano roll (again, excuse me for my ignorance if I don't know about any other way than the little zoom box in the top right corner)

- In the piano roll it should be possible to apply different vertical zoom levels for the keyboard view mode also, not only the new "Abc"-view.. Or wait. I actually like everything in the "Abc" mode but the fact that the piano changes into some black/white list with letters.

- It should be possible to easily move tracks in the playlist up or down just by dragging (or holding a button and dragging). The only way to do this that I know of is right clicking the track and select move up or move down. If I want f.ex move four tracks up 15 times, that right-click-menu way to do it is kind of exhausting.. it would take like 2- minutes, but ideally it shouldn't take more than 4 seconds (mark and click+drag)

- ^ Oh, and the same goes for mixer tracks! I know you can hold alt and press the arrow keys to move the selected mixer track, but it could be handy to drag and drop with the mouse as well.. that would make it easier to tidy up and arrange the mixer tracks in a certain way.

- In Logic, it is possible to merge two or more clips (talking about MIDI). I'd like that feature in FL Studio too! Maybe it would be cool to have that feature for audio clips as well? hmm.. :p

- More behavior options for the autoscoll in the playlist. F.ex in Protools you have the option to choose between "scroll one page at a time" and "follow playhead smoothly" (keep the playhead constantly at the center of the playlist, so it scrolls smoothly and with a constant speed (if the tempo is constant)) amongst others..

- A menu option for disabling some new features: note clone when clicking and holding a note in the piano roll (or a clip in the playlist, for that sake). Same goes for the fact that a note turns into a glide/slide note when I click and hold for creating a new note. What if I just want to listen to the tone for 2-3 seconds before I decide to really place it there...

- Clicks/pops occur when moving mixer channels to the left/right while playing the arrangement. That should not be neccesary!

- Possibility to solo a channel just by f.ex middle-clicking the mute/solo button. I'm alking about the mute/solo button in the step sequencer, not the playlist or mixer.

- In Logic and some other daws you can mute or solo several channels with click+drag. Just click and swipe the mouse cursor over the muse/solo buttons you want to enable/disable. In FL Studio I haven't found that to be possible at all (in the step sequencer, playlist and mixer). You could for example assign ALT + click (and drag) to that kind of function.

- It should be possible to right click a folder in the browser and select remove this folder from the list. The only way to do this that I know of is this: Go to the file settings menu and look up the folder in question and remove it there. It could be so much easier, don't you agree?

- in the browser you can "smart" search for samles and stuff by pressing ctrl+f. Given that it finds many results, how do you jump to the next result? It just doesn't seem intuitive.. In f.ex Firefox you can press enter several times to view the next search result, or you can press the "next" button in the search bar that shows up while searching.

- When I stack several clips in the playlist to save space and tidy up, I don't really have good control over the clips anymore. Let's say that I have one audio clip with 4 automation clips on top, of which two are chopped up in 10 pieces.. I can't really see all the layers then, and if I want to edit one of the clips I have to do things like drag it over to a new track, do the changes there, and finally drag it back. What I want is a small "+" button on each track, which when pressed, visually shows the stacked clips on separate lines (tracks?) below. I do not only want to see what's stacked in that track, but also be able to do the editing there (like chopping up and moving audioclips and editing points/values in automation clips)

Finally, feel free to comment my suggestions. Excuse me if anything is unclear or contains bad grammar. I am willing to explain if there's something you don't understand. :)
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Sun Aug 14, 2011 7:48 pm

Re: Features I want in FL Studio 11 (long list!)

luckily FL Studio at least got the pitch wheel ...

Mr. Zeke
Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:13 am

Re: Features I want in FL Studio 11 (long list!)

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Sun Apr 15, 2012 4:24 pm

Re: Features I want in FL Studio 11 (long list!)

Tansunn wrote:- Or how about a switch that simp...
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