The Big Four FL Studio Bugs

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Rolf Music
Jan 18, 2012 (11:16)
I found the following bugs with my windows seven 64 bit system:

- The very recent wrapper fixed compatibility with kontakt 5, absynth, massive, and many other 64 bit vsts. However it is unstable and does crash or send error messages after a while, especialy when having many wrappers open and working simultaniously.

- When having two fl studio applications open at the same time and when closing the first i get the blue screen and pc crashes (Happened more than 10 times). I use a quadcore intel 7 with 96 gigabyte RAM and over 1 terrabyte.

- Sometimes when listening to the music and abruptly changing the project without stopping the music gives me a weird noise for max 1 to 2 seconds until the project loaded.

- When using parallel processing techniques in FL Studio there is a problem: If I have two identical audio signals on a two separate mixer tracks and I drop a plugin to either one of the tracks, I get a plugin processing delay that caused a unwanted effect similar to phasing. If FL Studio has a automatic delay compensation then im afraid it does not work on this specific area.

Can those be fixed? : )

Site Admin
Jan 20, 2012 (10:51)
Rolf Music wrote:- The very recent wrapper fixe...

Rolf Music
Jan 31, 2012 (23:43)
Does it happen if you use a different sound dev...

Jan 31, 2012 (23:49)
For the PDC..I sometime fix it by toggling APDC...

Site Admin
Feb 01, 2012 (9:51)
Rolf Music wrote:Does it happen if you use a di...

Rolf Music
Feb 02, 2012 (8:41)
im very sure it did. i dont dare testing it out...

Site Admin
Feb 02, 2012 (8:55)
Could you tell me what audio devices you see in...

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