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[REQUEST] Avicii Piano

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Feb 01, 2012 (4:13)
How does Avicii make his lead Piano/Supersaw synth that he uses in most of his songs?
The style of synth is best shown with the main themes of Levels, Blessed, and Bromance.
Is it just a Piano layered with a Supersaw? If so, can I make the same sound with just FL Keys and a Supersaw patch?


Feb 01, 2012 (23:53)
Yeah: @ 2:10 @ 0:04 @ 1:32They sound differe...

DJ Nobody
Feb 02, 2012 (9:24)
will have a closer look later this day if I fin...

Feb 02, 2012 (17:04)
The pianos in his earlier songs were from ReFX ...

DJ Nobody
Feb 02, 2012 (19:00)
seems like I dont have to do anything

Feb 03, 2012 (0:40)
Yeah, but how do you make those sounds?

DJ Nobody
Feb 06, 2012 (16:30)
simple square and saw can easily be done with 3...

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