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Fruity Wrapper loading as empty with Sylenth1 (bug?)

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Feb 19, 2012 (11:53)

Sometimes when I load up my project some instances of Sylenth1 will fail to load. Problem is, I won't realise until I start playing the song and realise some sounds are missing. Only when I click on the channel does it show an empty Fruity Wrapper. If I reopen the project file, sometimes the instance will be loaded and get fixed. But most of the time it will just reload Sylenth with the first preset sound (therefore losing my preset).

At first I thought this was a problem with my SSD, but it happens with my project files stored in spin hdds as well. The most interesting thing is this bug can be reproduced when I work on a project that has lots of Sylenth instances (15+) without saving it and then exit/open a new project. When the Save Changes prompt comes up, I choose "No". The next time I open up the project again, one of the sylenth1 instances will be bugged out.

I've tried reinstalling Sylenth and FL Studio (I have the latest version btw) but still happens.

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this and knows the fix for it?

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Feb 20, 2012 (9:58)
Are these 32bit or 64bit instances of the plugi...

Feb 20, 2012 (11:16)
reflex wrote:Are these 32bit or 64bit instances...

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Feb 22, 2012 (11:14)
Does it happen if you open a new instance of th...

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