Can't get Korg R3 sounds through FL Studio!

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Mar 03, 2012 (11:15)
I have my Korg R3 connected via midi usb and sound through my M-Audio Profire 610. FL Studio detected it, I enabled it as a MIDI controller but I would also like to play the sounds off of the R3 as well. I noticed there were 2 different "Output" settings in my FL settings (R3 1 MIDI OUT & R3 1 SOUND), so unfamiliar with this I tried setting both to the same port and to different ports, but no luck. I opened my MIDI Out, the channel matches the channel in my R3, but still no sound! I know I'm missing something here, and I would really appreciate any help on this! I'm noobing out!!

Mar 04, 2012 (2:00)
Let me explain what I have done in further deta...

Mar 04, 2012 (4:17)
" access the sounds of the R3 within ...

Mar 05, 2012 (3:28)
Yes I know it has MIDI, hence my posts. And wh...

Mar 07, 2012 (1:54)
Help fileRECORDINGRecording External and Intern...

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