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Ableton + Morphine Problem

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Feb 25, 2011 (5:14)
I use Ableton Live 8 version 8.2
Using the most updated verson of IL Download Manager
I have Morphine version 1.5.2 vst (been using as a plug in device in Ableton successfully with standard sound files)
I have a Windows PC Vista with service pack 2
I run firefox
I have McAfee


I purchased the Morphine Factory Addition (128 Presets)
Received a completed order
downloaded a reg key
opened FL Studio studio 9 extended memory
opened slicex
opened the download manager
selected a file on the online list
download manager opened and downloaded
almost all files downloaded for use in Morphine in FL Studio

I want to use as an Ableton Plug in.
I opened Ableton Live 8
opened morphine as a plug in
the Factory Addition (128 presets) were not available
I selected one for download
download manager opened and appeared to download and install
no errors were noted
The sound file does not load into Morphine
The sound files do not appear on the downloaded directory tree.

Tried several times to repeat the process and cannot load or find downloaded files on my machine.

This is my issue.

Site Admin
Feb 25, 2011 (8:32)
Could you try downloading and installing Morphi...

Feb 26, 2011 (5:24)
Downloaded latest version of Morphine. Install...

Site Admin
Mar 03, 2011 (10:59)
Do the presets work in the standalone version o...

Mar 04, 2011 (4:41)
Yes. The presets are in the downloaded section ...

Site Admin
Mar 08, 2011 (9:00)
Could you check Morphine's preset folder to see...

Mar 09, 2011 (5:17)
The folder exists, has files, but the files fro...

Site Admin
Mar 18, 2011 (9:59)
Note that the file is called "bas bit-vowe...

Mar 19, 2011 (0:45)
no. I scanned the folder, which contains 30 fi...

Mar 09, 2012 (19:07)
I was just about to make an order for a bunch o...

Site Admin
Mar 12, 2012 (12:09)
doctea wrote:I was just about to make an order ...

Site Admin
Mar 12, 2012 (12:11)
Pigvoices wrote:no. I scanned the folder, whic...

Mar 12, 2012 (16:49)
I suggest trying the demo versions to see if th...

Site Admin
Mar 12, 2012 (16:50)
doctea wrote: (and on a related note, I've neve...

Mar 12, 2012 (17:41)
I'll take that back - I just tried PoiZone demo...

Mar 12, 2012 (19:57)

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