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OP 2 to 1 automated f-mod... possible?

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Mar 07, 2012 (17:45)
Is it possible to automate the operator modulation knobs?
Is the Mod-tab related to this? As far as I can tell it does nothing.

DJ Nobody
Mar 07, 2012 (21:59)
In the mod tab you can link the modulation to t...

Mar 08, 2012 (12:10)
I want to automate the circled knob in this ima...
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DJ Nobody
Mar 08, 2012 (12:15)
Nope, not possible afaikbut you can automate th...

Mar 09, 2012 (8:21)
Yeah I've been wanting this feature for a while...

DJ Nobody
Mar 09, 2012 (9:23)
EuFony wrote:Yeah I've been wanting this featur...

Mar 09, 2012 (23:22)
DJ Nobody wrote:It would make sytrus more cpu i...

DJ Nobody
Mar 11, 2012 (20:00)
You can ofcourse blend two presets together and...

Mar 12, 2012 (13:06)
DJ Nobody wrote:You can ofcourse blend two pres...

DJ Nobody
Mar 12, 2012 (13:35)
me too but well if it eats too much cpu...

Mar 12, 2012 (13:44)
EuFony wrote:I'm talking about (eg.) modulating...

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