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Film cue "Tranquility"

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Mar 16, 2012 (9:10)
Hey guys, been a while since you have heard from me because i got an actual job.. haha. 12 hour shifts are no joke.
On top of that im composing for a local movie, and producing 2 full hip hop albums. So i have a tight schedule.
Here is a cue that was originally going to be used as one of the ending songs (This was just a rough idea, if it were to be used i would have extended it and created more mood) But i decided to use a different one. So this i CAN show you haha.
Please listen to the whole thing, because towards the end i switch the melodies up which leads to the outro.
Any critisim/comments are appreciated, thanks!
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Mar 16, 2012 (10:59)
hey lildamon, nice to listen to your music agai...

Mar 17, 2012 (22:07)
Thank for the replies. I appreciate it . And y...

Mar 17, 2012 (22:20)
Suggestions? Sure, around 1:20 you start a bit ...

Mar 18, 2012 (17:59)
Wow, this was very nice .... I have no critici...

Its Clipping
Mar 19, 2012 (16:41)
Got some cool stuff happening. It sounds a litt...

Mar 20, 2012 (4:07)
I appreciate the comments everyone!@Trevorguita...

Mar 22, 2012 (23:21)
Lil you may get some effect by hooking the viol...

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