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Piano Roll Waveform display Function > Spectrum

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Jan 23, 2012 (17:57)
Can FL adding piano roll function display like this? instead only display the waveform but Spectrum like display? Attached a little program Wavetone (Japanese based)

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Jan 23, 2012 (18:02)
it was planned (although it would in no way loo...

Apr 08, 2012 (22:27)
PLEASE GOL... do this... there's a lot of rythm...

Apr 08, 2012 (22:39)
..or use newtone, & convert the audio to a ...

Apr 08, 2012 (22:53)
what about polyphonic audio (which is the case ...

Apr 08, 2012 (22:59)
gol wrote:it was planned (although it would in ...

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