Midi Forget?? I cant get it to work

Technical questions with Deckadance & Controllers (MIDI/CDJ & Vinyl)
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Apr 25, 2012 (4:16)
I found this topic

but i dont think i follow it.

I am using Decka with EKS XP10 units on a Windows 7 System
Ok got everything working and i want to completely rearrange some midi mappings.
I dont want two things assigned to the same control button.

Right now if i press, "Break/Spin up" on the EKS Unit, it takes the end of the loop that is set and it lengthens it by 1/4 beat.
Never mind how much it makes it longer by.
The problem is, i want to use this button for something else.
But to do this correctly i need to use the MIDI FORGET function.

When i goto my midi mappings panel in DD
and i select "HALF (Loop / Leap Size dec."
or when i select ""HALF (Loop / Leap Size dec."

and i then click either BACKSPACE or MIDI FORGET. I then close DD, and reopen it to see if the control button
still does the same thing..... and it does

Apparently DD is not "Forgetting" mappings ??