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Bass Resampling with Harmor (Now with Tutorial!)

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Apr 22, 2012 (3:46)
So, in my never ending quest to be Noisia, I've gotten a bit closer with an interesting direction, today: Bass resampling via Harmor. Warning: This hasn't made resampling any less of an annoying process, but it has made it more interesting.

Test Tracks get:

So what's going on here? The bass noises and various FX (not the droney things) were patches made with Massive and Sytrus that were then loaded into Harmor as analyzed audio files (all of them). Once in Harmor, messed around with the unison settings (Hz mode yields unique results) as well as the synthesis settings like formant and gain scale. Other stuff too like distortion and the prism. The bass bits were then played out and recorded with Edison to go right back into Harmor for another round. Rinse and repeat until sounds cool.

Even the tingly metal bits were actually resampled through Harmor.

If you're going to try this yourself there are some things to note. If you want to hear the actually un modified audio in Harmor when you drop it in, you need to set some of the advanced controls. Go to the ADV page and set the denoise to zero, resynthesis to high precision, and precision to perfect.

The wonderful thing about doing the resampling with Harmor is that Harmor's out puts are not determined by processing audio, but by programming the harmonics and partials and other additive synthesis terms. This makes things like the unison and prism settings extremely interesting as well as the resynthesis options like formant shifting and gain scale.

Getting closer!

Tutorial get:
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Apr 22, 2012 (4:23)
very nice bass sounds, good work!

Charles Deluxe
Apr 22, 2012 (17:12)
Annihilating sounds !!!! O_OI love to hear stuf...

Apr 22, 2012 (20:44)
Glad you guys like it I can sympathize with Go...

Charles Deluxe
Apr 22, 2012 (21:06)
Seamless wrote:Glad you guys like it Holy s##t...

Apr 22, 2012 (22:00)
Pretty sweet.. I enjoyed

Apr 23, 2012 (10:01)
Hmmm that's 1 nasty bass!luv it!

Apr 23, 2012 (17:58)
I'm planning on a tutorial. Epic bass for all!

Apr 23, 2012 (21:37)
That sounds really good!

Charles Deluxe
Apr 24, 2012 (19:50)
Seamless wrote::D I'm planning on a tutorial. E...

Apr 24, 2012 (23:44)
Seamless wrote::D I'm planning on a tutorial. E...

Apr 25, 2012 (3:30)
Once I figure out screen capturing, it'll be a ...

Apr 25, 2012 (15:42)
Camstudio recorder. Free an Easy! How can i che...

Apr 25, 2012 (16:55)
undersound wrote:Camstudio recorder. Free an Ea...

Apr 25, 2012 (18:50)
Ive heard perople have issues with Camstudio. I...

ErotiCore SteNch
Apr 25, 2012 (19:07)
i can recomend jing,dont know if it records sou...

Apr 25, 2012 (19:52)
I got FRAPS instead. Tutorial inbound!

Apr 25, 2012 (22:35)
Thanks for the awesome tutorial.In Harmor, I kn...

Apr 25, 2012 (22:43)
Wow, that whole first part (1 minute, before it...

Apr 25, 2012 (22:47)
Eschatos wrote:Thanks for the awesome tutorial....

Apr 26, 2012 (18:21)
That is badass!

Apr 27, 2012 (7:57)
wicked sounds, and thx for the how-to!

Apr 27, 2012 (13:47)
This is great!I have wondered for years how Noi...

smudge (umixmusic)
Apr 27, 2012 (14:58)
Nice one mate, thanksTim

Apr 27, 2012 (16:22)
Bass trying to talk, but someone has put hand o...

Apr 27, 2012 (19:20)
I still don't know how Spor/noisia and the like...

Apr 28, 2012 (3:36)
Here's a WIP of a new track I'm working on usin...

Charles Deluxe
Apr 28, 2012 (4:27)
Seamless wrote:Here's a WIP of a new track I'm ...

Apr 28, 2012 (7:29)
So that's how Gooch got those thick-as-hell sou...

Apr 28, 2012 (17:36)
Thanx for this tutorial. Got some new idea's!!!

Apr 28, 2012 (17:40)
Thanx for this tutorial. Got some new idea's!!!

T Kast
Apr 30, 2012 (4:58)
This is awesome! I have no idea how you came ab...

Apr 30, 2012 (7:57)
Here's the completion of the WIP. Not totally p...

Apr 30, 2012 (9:30)
thanx for tut, don't know how many times I trie...

May 02, 2012 (18:41)
Resampling is a process of patience...I hate it...

May 02, 2012 (21:52)
I have only one thing to say. AIRPLANE!!

L. Scott Knight
May 03, 2012 (3:12)
That bass sounds so wet like and makes me think...

May 04, 2012 (15:55)
Really nice tutorial! I never really resampled ...

May 06, 2012 (6:27)
LEWENHAUPT wrote:Really nice tutorial! I never ...

May 06, 2012 (16:47)
No cutoff modulation or anything, just some ext...
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Perfect Human
Jun 25, 2012 (2:51)
Hey, I'm digging this thread up since you just ...

Jun 25, 2012 (3:03)
Almost always, I change up the settings between...

Perfect Human
Jun 26, 2012 (10:57)
Thanks a lot Seamless. It's very cool.Have you ...

Jun 26, 2012 (20:45)
I tried a couple times. I usually do my filteri...

Aug 01, 2012 (5:39)
Nice. Thanks man

Aug 01, 2012 (8:14)
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Aug 11, 2012 (19:10)
Also try out the Harmonizer feature.Put shift o...

Aug 11, 2012 (23:18)
From what I see, it's basically a saw bass with...

Dec 13, 2012 (21:26)
I knew this was bookmarked for a reason, but iv...

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