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Apr 29, 2012 (6:13)
i think if fl studio were to morph like kyma does (from symbolic sound), it would be more than a treat. it would be revolutionary and it would establish fl studio in its place as one of the most solid programs and then some....

i had an idea for a fake-morph but i haven't tried it yet due to the fact that i have a new computer set-up and i haven't had time to invest in reinstalling everything yet. would it be possible to get a morph like sound within fruity granulizer? join your A and your sound B in a wav editor and then load it into granulizer. then play the sound and fake-morph from one to the other with the help of your midi controllable knobs.... worth exploring? i know the kyma morph is much more than that and involves spectral morphing apparently but i'm no expert; i just want to go from sound A to B to C to D as smoothly as possible. wouldn't that be worth exploring?

Apr 29, 2012 (11:15)
Not sure if this helps:• the Layer channel can ...

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