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Atanas Angelov
Site Admin
Jun 21, 2012 (11:53)
Hi folks,

As we're not allowed to edit the Innova Live module (except for the asset manager), we have to gather somehow the requests you made, so we can re-request them to the Innova developers.

Simple rules about this topic:

1. Don't post request that has been already posted. Check posts before you make request.
2. Use the voting system if you like the request. Requests with more votes will be prior to us.
3. I prefer not allowing discussions about the requests in this topic. If there is need of discussions, I will open another thread about them, but for now I want to see if this will work.

P.S.: I know some of you already made some requests, but I'm not sure if we got and stored them all, so, please, request one more time here!
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