Looking for touch monitors for performance mode

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Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:31 pm

Looking for touch monitors for performance mode

Multi-Touch Testing:

If you are interested in testing FL 10.6 with multitouch, you need to be running it under Windows 7 (or higher) and have a multi-touch monitor (dual-touch minimum). Tablet or giant screen, it should work fine on everything. For the setup, see the screenshot. You may not need it if your monitor is big enough, as FL mostly works without it, that setting enlarges hot zones so it depends on the size of the monitor (vs the size of your fingers).

The FL 10.6 public beta is/will be touch-enabled, so just install it & give your feedback about the multi-touch aspect in this thread.

Manual section on Multi-touch here.

Only FL itself & some plugins have been optimized for multitouch. In FL, most controls are dual-touch (through gestures), while the playlist in performance mode is fully multi-touch. 2 plugins are fully multitouch, Harmor & Harmless, those allow multiple knobs to be tweaked at the same time.

Related to the stuff being done for the performance mode:

While supporting clip-triggering devices is important, especially for those who already own them, the fact is that the playlist itself works better to trigger clips, as everything is on-screen, while an external device will at worst display low-colored buttons through slow MIDI, at best named buttons through wifi.

But triggering on-screen clips has 1 big limitation: the mouse. So we're looking for a cheap alternative to controllers, which would mean a monitor meeting these requirements:

-any size, but tablet-sized preferred. It would be painful to trigger clips on a desktop monitor, unless it's placed horizontally. A second, tablet-sized monitor however is handy for this, and would hold the playlist.

-any kind of input, although USB preferred if it exists (there are small USB monitors)

-<$300, as that's the average price of similar controllers (as we're looking for something that we could advise buying for clip-triggering)

-quality of image doesn't matter a single bit if it's a tablet-sized one (as it would only be used for this)

-quality of the multitouch is important. There seems to be quite some technologies, not just resistive/capacitive but also infrared & surface acoustic wave.
This kind of use doesn't "really" need multitouch as in "multiple moving cursor", but requires multi-click. Meaning that single touch is ok if pressing 3 fingers at the same time would send 3 very fast mouse clicks. If this isn't possible, we'll have to use the Win7 multitouch SDK for true multitouch support.
Even though it's also a matter of software, capacitive ones have proven that they could be used for this. For the rest I don't know.

So if anyone here has experience with a cheap multitouch screen that could be used for this? Because of the market, of course most of the ones sold are tablets, with their own OS, etc, but as long as they can't be used as real monitors, it's not acceptable. The existing software to turn a tablet into a second monitor seem way to slow & unresponsive (& also rely on wireless connection, which can be seen as a pro or a con). Custom connection with a tablet involves software to write, limited use (passing clip names at best), wireless latency & unpredictability. So IMHO the best is really a side monitor, or of course a tablet running a real Windows, if there exists cheap ones that are powerful enough to run FL.
We've found several monitors but not the holy grail yet.
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Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:27 pm

Re: Looking for touch monitors for performance mode

Have you tried the ipad with the 'Remote Deskt...
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Re: Looking for touch monitors for performance mode

Hm. A bit expensive though :Well, there are two...

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Re: Looking for touch monitors for performance mode

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Re: Looking for touch monitors for performance mode

I have a Bamboo Create Wacom tablet. its not th...
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