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ReFX Nexus won't appear as a plugin

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Jul 10, 2012 (23:17)
I used to be able to just insert Nexus as a plugin by left-clicking and the inserting a new plugin into the step sequencer, but after I tried to install a new plugin (I forget the name) Nexus doesn't appear as a plugin anymore! Nexus still works in all of my other projects, I just can't create a new channel with Nexus anymore (which means that I can't insert Nexus into any new projects).

Jul 11, 2012 (2:14)
Try this.Channel > Add one > More > Re...

Jul 11, 2012 (2:23)
I've done that multiple times haha, I've even u...

Jul 11, 2012 (2:40)
Good to hear that. I've never heard that there'...

Jul 11, 2012 (6:14)
It's not working ): It's fine haha, I'll just s...

Site Admin
Jul 11, 2012 (9:21)
Where is the Nexus dll file on your computer?

Jul 11, 2012 (20:29)
Have you checked the obvious?1 The box in your ...

Jul 11, 2012 (21:52)
@damertez1) Yes.2) Yes.3) THAT'S THE ONE, yeah ...

Jul 11, 2012 (21:55)
I advice you to create a folder in your 'progra...

Jul 11, 2012 (21:59)
Thanks for that, but what if I can't find the d...

Jul 11, 2012 (23:09)
If you don't have the dll then you don't have t...

Jul 11, 2012 (23:23)
... then it's weird that you can even use it, t...

Jul 12, 2012 (0:07)
I probably have the dll, it's probably just som...

Jul 12, 2012 (6:03)
Another obvious question. Have you gotten your ...

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