Experimental: FLAC import for Edison

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Thu Mar 06, 2008 8:12 pm

Experimental: FLAC import for Edison

Hi everybody!

This is an experimental script for FL8's Edison to import FLAC samples.

How to install
  1. Download the attachment
  2. Unzip it into (path to your FL Studio 8 installation)\Plugins\Fruity\Effects\Edison\Data\Scripts\User
  3. There should be a new entry under Run Script: User->erluk->flac_import

Script options
  • Remove trailing silence (yes/no): This option removes silence from the end of the sample after it is imported. Default: yes
  • Run: This button starts the import. First, you have to select the file to import. Once you have confirmed that dialog, you can watch the importer's progress under FL's menu bar.

The script works fine here, but a WARNING nonetheless: This is an experimental script, use it at your own risk.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!
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