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EQUO as Rewire client

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Jul 29, 2007 (22:58)
I'm a little new to rewire but here's my question.
Using Audition 2 as host , can you use EQUO as the client?
I have successfully registered both programs as rewire active. I have a vocal track playing in Audition. I launch FL 7 as the client and it opens. I open the mixer and assign EQUO as the effect for the master channel.
I hit the space bar and the vocal in Audition starts to play.
But there is no response in EQUO. It does not seem to be connected to the track in Audition.
Any ideas?
Many thanks

Jul 29, 2007 (23:03)
no, ReWire wouldn't really make sense for littl...

Jul 29, 2007 (23:22)
Thanks gol: I will download the Juice Pack vst ...

Jul 29, 2007 (23:42)
so you meant having EQUO rewired through FL, an...

Jul 30, 2007 (0:54)
Yeah...that is what I was trying...but no go so...

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